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The real estate market has been booming in recent years, leading to the emergence of various housing solutions to meet people's needs. Especially on a national level, owning property has become a top priority for the Brazilian population.

The social isolation brought about by the pandemic has triggered several changes, creating a new reality that impacted various sectors, including real estate. Certain behaviors and cultures were accelerated, directly influencing home experiences.

In light of this context, Truliv envisioned a new way to buy and sell properties—simple, hassle-free, and highly personalized. Here, the consumer has the power to choose every aspect of the solution for their new home.


The brand needed a distinctive positioning compared to other competitors, showcasing the company's uncomplicated and intelligent approach to real estate transactions, both for buyers and sellers.

We started by listening to the key stakeholders of the brand and those who truly have a voice in this market—the consumers. After numerous interviews, we delved into all the insights and sparked our curiosity about building a brand that speaks clearly and transparently in a segment with diverse prejudices while revolutionizing the way of living in Brazilian territory.

We arrived at the narrative that Truliv is here to unlock the sector and be the perfect option for those seeking ease when buying or selling a property. With this premise defined, we developed a visual identity that tells the story of fitting together through the puzzle, a common symbol in our daily lives and a representation of home, alluding to the combination of intelligence and dwelling for the missing piece in your home.

Moreover, we leveraged various visual assets of the brand, such as cheerful colors reminiscent of homey things, along with lively illustrations depicting the joys of living in a place you love.

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Creative Direction

Gabriel Miranda
André Cicerelli


Gabriel Miranda
Giovanna Lagreca


Caio Couto


Matheus Abitbol
Rômulo Lopes


João Gabriel Rosa
Matheus Abitbol


Fundadores Grotesk (Fundição Tipo Klim)