Piramide Móveis
Direção Criativa
Gabriel Miranda
André Cicerelli
Gerente do Projeto
B&B Comunicação
João Paulo Rudas
Helvetica (Linotype)


The custom-made furniture market has grown significantly in recent years due to it enabling practically unlimited designs in combination with lower prices. This niche has become fertile ground for entrepreneurs thanks to low entry barriers and low initial investment capital. But for those who already have a long history in this market, it is necessary to be attentive to the new needs of the consumer and not let tradition be synonymous with outdated.

Piramide is a furniture manufacturer from São Paulo, Brazil, with over 30 years in the market and that stands out for its excellence in high-end products. Investing in innovation, luxury design, exclusive, custom-made furniture and creating modern and elegant environments, they guarantee premium quality. They start from the concept that every person, moment and environment is special, designing furniture according to the unique needs of each client.


We worked together with the B&B advertising agency to evolve the Piramide brand, celebrating its 35 years and following the manufacturer’s new vision.

We built a more modern brand, which praises good design, excellence and sophistication through clean and clear communication. We redesigned the logo, which is inspired by the pyramids of Giza, to live up to the brand name and reinforce the native culture of its founder. We also developed a photographic style that shows all the elegance of its spaces and environments, promoting greater engagement for its customers.

Finally, we participated in the process of the internal and external architecture of the store at Shopping Lar Center in São Paulo, making it more coherent with the new visual identity.

Piramide Móveis

Creating spaces with personality.

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