Mariá Música Livre
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Art Direction
Direção Criativa
Gabriel Miranda
André Cicerelli
Gerente de Projeto
Italo Spioni
Caio Couto
Poppins (Indian Type Foundry)
Renato Pascoal
Challenge: With digitization, the world has gained several independent bands that are growing in popularity and relevance due to their small and loyal audiences. In Brazil, this number has grown a lot in recent years. We now see musicians and artists having a higher impact on specific niches of society. Just like art and fashion, music has become an accessory to convey an identity and personality, and individuals have adopted customs and started to act differently based on their musical taste. But what about those who like and play different styles? How does this movement happen? Currently, we manage to have a mix of styles where there is not just one pattern, but rather an array of influences that help to form a personality. Influence is about change, whether it's behavior, style, attitude, eating habits, type of physical activity, or simply whether you like pop, rock, or both. Mária Música Livre is a Brazilian band based in Guarulhos. With 5 years of activity, the free music band - that is, without definitions of a single musical genre -, has been growing and getting progressively more involved with the market. In an environment with such a plurality of styles, being a free music band, the band Mariá found it very difficult to visually translate all its essence to the public; something that should highlight the band and bring a differential that goes beyond the sound. Solution: To convey the whole soul of the band's sound to its audience and highlight Mariá's potential from its competitors, we worked together with its members building a unique visual language system that suits the group's needs. We started by developing a typographic logo that has movement and guides a strong personality, and we composed its entire visual universe, through elements that refer to a lighthouse, which serves as a guide to an encounter with music. We thought of a range of cheerful and radiant colors to give life to the identity, sustaining all its musical polarity and graphics that manifest as spotlights that shine and light the way for their songs. Furthermore, we gave full support for the implementation of the new brand in its various points of contact, including the design of their latest single "Sol da Manhã" as well as support in the artistic and photographic direction.

Mariá Música Livre

New way of feeling music.

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