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Isabelle Gantus
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Fabio Zukerman
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Vitor Aspirino
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Every day, we’re bombarded with tons of options of junk food and tons of ads and notifications from delivery and food apps, with a menu full of indulgent, unhealthy foods. Much of it because sometimes it becomes convenient, for billions of people to eat fast and cheap on the go. This culture that we have created in recent years has reflected within our bodies, communities and even our environment.

With that in mind, GreenKitchen discovered that it could unite taste and health; with a totally vegan menu, it came to bring more quality of life to people and to make, in practice, a better world for the next generations. As they grew in the market, they invited us to develop a brand that could help their ambitions.


After several interviews and studies about GreenKitchen’s market, its context, competitors and the company’s main strengths and weaknesses, we were able to extract a path where the new brand could act consistently, being more relevant to its audience and creating emotional desire with them.

In addition to brand positioning, we created a visual identity system that includes all the needs that the business has to build value and differentiation as a company. We then developed a cheerful and relaxed look to reach as many people as possible and make the brand even more democratic.

The brand’s objective was to attract new audiences. We realized that the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian profiles knew and spoke very well about the company, but the main objective was to be able to bring even carnivores to the GreenKitchen table, working with more transparency and inclusion, consequently being a better known brand and valuable to the world.

To help with this concept, we created a purpose that talks about taking care of people and the planet, and a tagline that tells the narrative of “food that makes you smile”, showing that in addition to helping the environment, we make delicious food that is good for the body, for the environment and for the soul. The project was well accepted by the GreenKitchen team, helping them to see this new stage of the company and building value as a brand for its entire ecosystem.


Food that makes you smile.

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