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Estúdio Gole
Creative Direction:
Gabriel Miranda
André Cicerelli
Gabriel Miranda
Vinicius Queiróz
Matheus Abitbol
Caio Couto
Motion Design:
Caio Couto
Photo Team:
Danielle Sampaulo
Luana Prestes
Anna Augusto
Alice Sesoko
Vitor Tavares
Daniela Benotti
Daniela Regina
Lara Muzel
Paola Santiago
Théo Santos
Art Direction:
Gabriel Miranda
Joao Victor Brito Silva
Brand Managers:
Lucas Gomez
Heric Gomez
Elaine Ramos
Apfel Grotezk (Collletttivo)
New Spirit (Newlyn)


Children are everything to us, they captivate us with their stories, they make us feel young when they play, run, jump, make noise, help us rediscover cuteness and above all enchant us with their creativity.  And when it comes to the shoes of our little ones, it’s hard not to make your eyes shine because they’re so cute, right? The colors, the sizes, the models, every detail expresses even more all that great personality that children have, regardless of their young age.

The big problem nowadays is that these shoes are not always comfortable for children, and if they are comfortable, they are not that pretty, causing all that essence to be lost. Looking at this, Centopeia went after the best models in the world to be able to unite the useful with the pleasant: Comfort and style.

Centopeia is a reseller of national and international brands of children’s shoes and sneakers, whose premise is the health of children’s feet, rescuing quality and safety in their portfolio.

Our challenge was to manage to convey all of this in a new brand, something that would highlight all their affection for the little ones while expressing the quality and originality of the products; managed to communicate with the children through a visual appeal, and at the same time with the parents in a relaxed way, which conveys security.


Some insights were born throughout the studies and we understood that the best message to be communicated was that Centopeia takes care of and looks at the size of every tiny little foot, thinking about the health of the feet and providing style.

We then developed a super attractive and lively visual identity system so that it could generate identification with the little ones, bringing playful elements that refer to the brand name “Centopeia”. We brought a unique and singular photographic style to the identity, through expressive photos with a lot of movement and children’s games, and we also created a light and relaxed tone of voice.

We help the brand in several points of contact, from the architecture of the store that breathes the created identity, to the virtual store of the brand’s e-commerce, with visual and functional styles that help to support the atmosphere in which Centopeia wants to arrive.

Centopeia has been a brand since 1999, but after a few years out of the market, today it is here to stay. Providing a more fun, light and adventurous life for children through its products. Centopeia fits every little feet, it accompanies your baby’s first steps and shares the knowledge of the imaginary until it becomes more concrete, just as footprints.


Fits every little feet.

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