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Today’s world is much more dynamic and advanced than it was ten years ago. Nowadays, exposing an idea in the communication area goes far beyond printed texts when we talk about marketing; there are many films and advertisements where products and services can be presented to a company’s public of interest, and knowing how to take advantage of these resources can be the key for a brand to be able to expand its presence in the market.

Multimedia production has become an essential service, because it’s through it that brands are able to create the desire for a product or service in a dynamic and engaging way, differentiating themselves from their competitors and having a greater power of attraction for their consumers. Videos awaken interactivity and practicality in a way that texts alone cannot achieve, generating a higher conversion rate.

Blackstone is a film production company in São Paulo focused on the automotive sector, which found it very difficult to make clear to its audience all of the company’s performance fronts, and to be able to express its personality in order to capture customers who identify with its work approach.


The company needed a well-structured positioning, so that it could clearly communicate its ideals and its value proposition. So how to build relevance for such a specific segment that’s often seen more as an independent freelancer, than necessarily a company?

We began our work by listening to Blackstone’s founders, suppliers and customers, diving into their cinematic universe. We understood that there was a very strong personality in the team’s way of working, which was very unique, so we developed a brand narrative that emphasized the boldness and courage reflected in their work, because that way we could differentiate the producer, with all the individuality that it carried, which was not noticed.

We evolved the brand by creating a rich visual universe, full of impact and based on visual codes linked to the cinematographic universe. The narrative chosen was “Look Beyond”, in order to make tangible the producer’s premise of looking at the whole and being able to capture unique details in its films, highlighting the passion for adventure and adrenaline that combines with the recording process and – mainly – to bring out its full creative potential. Also, together with the production team, we developed animation systems to support all possible communication situations that the company has with its customers.

With a new brand, Blackstone is bravely writing its history. Because life is this daring adventure, where we’re always re-editing the way we want it to be. Regardless of any situation, Blackstone will record intense moments full of emotion, eloquence and energy. They are ready. To capture what brings us to life.


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