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We are going through a new phase where companies increasingly need to be aware of the consumers pain at every touchpoint of their purchase journey, whether for a product or service; being able to provide a complete 360º experience without any noise or breaking expectations. Even so, many companies still struggle to meet customer expectations in this regard. In a study by Accenture it was shown that even though companies say they are thinking about the customer experience, only 8% of customers actually perceive that there is a positive experience.

A good consumer experience is the least that people expect, making them more demanding, more critical and, above all, more engaged. For a consultancy that works with CX, the way to meet these expectations is to think of ways to deliver an exceptional experience, aligned with enchantment. If there is a problem with a purchase, many go to a direct public complaint on the company profile, demanding a resolution. Knowing that these complaints can impact other people’s purchasing decisions, customer service has become part of the work in promoting the experience.

Flwow is a CX consultancy and educator that serves B2B companies, and strategically builds solutions that drive business and results through memorable experiences. Within this segment, the company had a major obstacle in being able to express to its customers what it was actually doing to help in these experiences, and it also encountered great difficulties in structuring internally how the entire team would carry this mission across all operations.


To solve these issues, we understood that we should reformulate the Flwow brand through a repositioning, building a new purpose that is aligned with the company’s values ​​and vision. And also evolving its visual identity, to make it more coherent and relevant with all this movement.

We started by doing a deep investigation about the brand, about the people who worked at Flwow and we also interviewed some of its customers to understand the challenges and opportunities that we would have building a new positioning for the brand. We came to the conclusion that there was a problem in the brand regarding the separation of the image of the founder from the image of the company; where most stakeholders saw the consultancy as a person.

We came up with the concept of “reinventing experiences that drive businesses” to translate the brand’s purpose and make all Flwow decisions reflect that message. We designed a new symbol that tells a story of constant imagination, reinforcing the narrative of the purpose and referring to infinity, as Flwow is constantly evolving and always reinventing the way to deliver results. We created a simple and direct universe that highlights the brand’s logo, with colors that correspond to the company’s segment and makes the dark blue unique and proprietary, which shows modernity and sophistication. We also produced graphics inspired by the brand’s symbol in 3D to fill the visual identity and bring more dynamism to its applications.

All of this, results in a new brand that transmits to its customers the innovation and intelligence necessary to build a desired reputation. A better structural organization in the company, better dividing of the roles of each individual in the company, managing to attract clients through the professionalism of the consultancy and no longer only through the founder’s relationships – and mainly -, changing the perception of its consumers to a brand that follows change, bringing them into a close and relevant dialogue to boost businesses and results.


Flwow Customer Experience

Boosting business through of the experience.

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