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We all know the benefits of being in contact with nature, not only improving the quality of life but also building new friendships through common interests.

More and more people value outdoor life. While some seek a moment of tranquility in a local park, others crave a deeper connection and an adventure that challenges them. This is where trails come in, offering true invitations to explore the world around us.

That's why Utrail was born—to help people connect with nature and discover new paths. Through an app that guides users through various trails in Brazil, it functions as a GPS where no one else would, creating communities that help each other discover new places and go further.


We understood that such a valuable solution needed a language that spoke on equal terms with its target audience. In addition to establishing a deeper connection with users, we also sought to convey the technological quality that the company offers.

Thus, we listened to potential app users and realized that the greatest value lies in the freedom the solution provides, offering more possibilities and convenience for adventures.

Based on this, we developed the entire brand language, incorporating technology and paths as key elements. Visually, this concept is expressed through vibrant and friendly colors, reinforcing the democratic nature of the app. We also created a wide range of stylized icons to represent the variety of available activities, along with a photographic style that portrays real situations of app usage.

Our involvement ranged from naming the brand to finalizing the app design, maximizing its communication potential.

The app already has over 35,000 users nationwide, with plans to expand its solution globally and help people venture even further into nature.



Consumer Research & Perception
Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Art Direction
Motion Design


Estúdio Gole

Creative direction

André Cicerelli
Gabriel Miranda


Gabriel Miranda
Vinícius Queiróz

Motion design

Caio Couto
Matheus Pinheiro

Web Design

Vinícius Queiróz


Vinícius Queiróz

APP Design

Vinícius Queiróz
Gabriel Miranda


Agência B&B


Isabelle Gantus

Brand Manager

Thomaz Gabriel




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