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Danki Shoes

You make the way.


The era when sneakers were solely functional and comfortable is long gone. Nowadays, they have evolved into pieces of art, expressing individuality and personal identity through fashion. Sneakers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes, offering endless possibilities for contemporary consumers. Worn by everyone, sneakers have become a cultural staple.

For retailers dealing with sneaker brands, it's crucial to make their partner brands attractive to their clientele. To achieve this, they need to align closely with these brands and their constant innovations. Danki, a retailer of sneaker and clothing brands, found itself in an outdated position in the market. In terms of communication and visuals, it struggled to connect with its target audience and convey the boldness of the brands it represented.

Operating mainly in São Paulo with over 10 stores and 9 years in the market, how could Danki stay updated to match the creative modernity of today? The challenge was to bring Danki in line with current values without losing its essence. A company supporting brands of various styles with authenticity needs to communicate with its young, demanding, and restless audience on an equal footing to build a close and consistent relationship with market trends.


To guide Danki on this new path, we collaborated with the company's directors to implement a new positioning and visual identity. The result was a revamped Danki focused on being a modern, youthful, and bold company. We created a simple identity system with strong emphasis on photos and shapes that celebrate the diverse narratives of its brand portfolio, along with an extensive color palette. The tagline "YOU MAKE THE WAY" reinforces this new moment, especially the individuality and boldness of the brand's audience, showing that Danki walks alongside you, regardless of your style. We also provided the photographic direction for campaigns and actions, completing what was missing for Danki to have personality and coherence in different moments.

The outcome was a brand that is close to its consumer, engaging in constant movement, following trends, and bringing attitude and sophistication. After the change, the company has experienced significant growth, gaining wide acceptance from consumers and opening more than 11 new stores. Danki always walks beside you, but you're the one deciding the way.



Consumer Research & Perception
Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Art Direction
Motion Design

Creative Direction

Gabriel Miranda
André Cicerelli


Gabriel Miranda
Caio Couto


Caio Couto
Chris Reid


Danielle Sampaulo
João Paulo
Manuela Capelozza 


Mateus Morgan


Agência B&B

Brand Managers

Lucas Gomez
Heric Gomez

Elaine Ramos


Aeonik (Cotype Foundry)
Knockout (Jonathan Hoefler)