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We are a design boutique that partners with companies aiming for greatness.

We bring together a selected team that delivers high impact, creating brands that are impossible to ignore.

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After years of working and observing the creative market, we decided to build something unique for people, but in our own way.

Estúdio Gole is just a manifestation of our desire to change the rules of the game, creating something memorable that leaves a legacy for companies and individuals.

We understand that nothing is more valuable than willpower. That's why we are driven to create things that bring value and high impact. Our work is disruptive and strategic, focused on eliminating the unnecessary and extracting the essence from the ordinary to transform it into something special.

We are here to do the best work of our lives. We entered this industry because our principles and ideas can solve any problem. Therefore, we only accept clients where we know we can be relevant and make an impact.

We chose this name because we believe that a "gole" (sip) is much more than a mechanical action of our body. It's about satisfying a need, sharing experiences, and feeling the desire to do it again.

For us, each sip is unique. Each sip carries new sensations and pleasures, it can bring memories and mysteries, as well as something sweet and eccentric, or something completely unexpected.

Whatever it may be, a sip depends on the size of your thirst. And we have the solution for all of it. We have a thirst for adventure, a thirst for challenges, and a thirst to create solutions that shine and delight.

Design Thirst.


Our work is for people who refuse to settle for stagnation, who believe that being different means acting uniquely, and who fearlessly go against the tide.

  • Brand Strategy

    Consumer Research and Insight
    Brand Positioning
    Brand Architecture
    Portfolio Strategy
    Employer Branding

  • Brand Identity

    Visual identity
    Verbal Identity
    Motion Design
    Art direction

  • Experience

    Website Design
    App Design
    Service Design

  • Communication



We embrace each project as if it were our own, delving into the roots of the challenge.

  • 01.

    We value people and processes.

    We believe these two go hand in hand, guiding our way.
    For us, there are no shortcuts.

  • 02.

    Question. Solve. Question.

    We are constantly challenging our solutions, testing new paths, and seeking to think outside the box.

  • 03.

    We want to leave a legacy.

    We are a group of curious, detail-oriented, and ambitious individuals, determined to leave a legacy in the world.


André Cicerelli

Partner and Creative Director

Multidisciplinary designer, working with a focus on communication and brand management.


Gabriel Miranda

Partner and Creative Director

Multidisciplinary designer with more than 7 years of experience, working with a focus on digital and branding.


High-end creative people.

Caio Couto

Motion Designer

Designer focused on animation.

Vitor Pêgo

Designer & Type Designer

Graphic designer focused on branding and typography.

Vinícius Queiróz

Digital Designer

Graphic designer focused on UI/UX.

Stela Krüger

Designer & Social

Graphic designer focused on branding and social.

Leonardo Oliveira

New Business

Creative with a focus on partnerships and new business.

Camila Passini

Financial & Administrative

Graduated in Administration, with a focus on finance.

  • Shortlist Latin American Design 2023


  • Shortlist Brasil Design Award 2023


  • Mindsparkle Mag 2022 / Brand Identity for GreenKitchen


  • World Brand Design / Brand Identity for Centopeia


  • MORRRE DESIGN / Brand Identity for GreenKithcen


  • Visuelle UK 2018 / Brand identity for Blackstone


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